Health & Safety

we aim for an incident free workplace

A focus on Health and Safety is a core value of our company and is incorporated into all business activities. All employees and contractors are required to understand our policies, procedures and practices prior to starting work. Our goal is an incident free workplace.

Caltex maintains a comprehensive Corporate Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which is tested and trained regularly to effectively respond to emergencies, protect the public, and minimize environmental impact.


we are committed to sustainability

We are committed to the responsible development of our resources and to protecting the environment in which we work and live. Caltex is a strong performer in minimizing environmental impact including the responsible use of water, managing air emissions, reclaiming disturbed land, minimizing waste and looking for ways to continuously improve our environmental performance. Since 2015, we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 30% while significantly growing our production. Taking our growth into account, Caltex actually decreased GHG emissions intensity by 60% during the period, when measured on a produced per barrel of oil equivalent basis. Caltex has successfully reclaimed over 130 well sites and facilities since inception with a commitment to increase this effort year over year.


we strive to be good neighbours

Caltex values the communities we work in and strives to be a good neighbour at all times, leaving a lasting and positive impact everywhere we do business. We work hard to cultivate strong relationships with all stakeholders through continuous engagement to ensure that our work is mutually beneficial to all involved. The creation of employment opportunities, hiring of local contractors and community
investment are just some of the benefits we provide to our neighbours.

Being active in our communities is an essential part of our business and we regularly seek to give back in both economic and volunteer capacities.

ESTMA Reporting

Historical Reports under the Extracted Sector Transparency Measures Act